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Named "Vena"
"Vena" is short for "Sylvena" A name from
Buenos Aires, Argentina that I heard
my father mention.

Limited Edition Reissue
15th Anniversary Ibanez Jem
Each is one of a kind
Only 103 In The World
Came From Factory Autographed By Vai
Under the Gloss in Body is his Mothers
Curtains, In Headstock too. U can see
the threads in the fabric..
Very Special & Extrememly rare Jem.

Body Shot
Nice Abs

Actual Curtains under gloss
Amazing to see the threads
in the fabric. Very great Vibe
to hold something that hung over the
windows in his mothers home for years.
Wearing this guitar just radiates energy.

Tree Of Life Inlays
of Green Vines With Pink Stalk
In Rosewood Fretboard
21st Thru 24th Fret Is
Scalloped Out Neck Design

Full Frontal & From Behind
Even Upsidedown & Sideways

Curtains throughout body
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