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Short for "Hemaphobia" = Fear of Blood

Vai2K-DNA Millenneum
Limited Edition Ibanez Jem
Each is one of a kind
Only 300 In The World
Came From Factory Autographed By Vai
In the Paint is Vai's Blood
Very Special &
Extrememly rare Jem

Birth Certificate
42nd one Born Out Of A Litter Of 300
Custom Vai2K-DNA Case

DNA Spiral Hex Inlays
In Rosewood Fretboard
21st Thru 24th Fret Is
Scalloped Out Neck Design

Rock The Craddle of Love
In coffin and Satin Shroud
Silk Liner lays ontop of Satin Shroud

Each Paint Job Is Custom Swirled
With Dna from his Blood in paint mixture
Now a piece of him is in every guitar was
the idea behind the concept

Birth Number on Back Of Headstock &
Vai2K-DNA Hieroglyphics Symbols
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