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30th Anniversary Blue Halfstack

Named "The Soldier"
This Is The Main "30th Anniversary" Amp that I Bring Out On The Road. It Has White Marshall Logos and a British Flag Sticker that came stock next to the power cord on the back. Has a few little battle scars from all past touring gigs.

"The Soldier"
This thing has been known for killing small rodents scurrying out across the stage in front of it.

Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary Head
Don't let the size of this picture fool you. This Marshall model 6100 30th Anniversary with 3 channels, fully switchable, separate EQ for each stage, is a big BIG sound, with all the history in one head. Presence control, master volume, effects level, rear send and returns, pentode and triode settings, midi control. Where to start! Channel 1 is called clean and with a bright switch and a mid shift push switch, the tones range from a JTM 45 through the spectrum to a warm and full Super Lead. Separate EQ rounds out a true recreation of the top Marshall sounds. Channel 2 or crunch has more tonal variation than many amps in total! Low gain natural tube (valve) distortion sounds like a JTM 45. With the push of the mode switch to B, the amp imparts the crunch of a 1959 Super Lead or early Master Volume. C provides drive rivalling the JCM 900 master vol. amps. WOW! Channel 3 is the standard for tone. Like the Crunch channel, this stage contains gain control as well as a gain boost and contour switch affecting mid-range frequencies. Perfect overdrive capabilities. In a word: MONSTROUS!
Specs: 100W switchable to 50 or 25 (Pentode or triode). All tubes with Marshall 5881 valves. 3 channel switching with seperate EQ. Presence and Effects level plus master volume.
Tone: stupendous versatility emulating the top Marshall amps from 1962 on!
Appearance: Classic Marshall head design with beer barrel knobs, easy access to controls and back panel settings.
Quirks: Hell for a repairman!
History: Still offered, this top-of-the-line head delivers the classic
sounds of the 60's 70's and 80's.
Desirability: A batch of history waiting in one souped up package. Not yet vintage but having all the vintage sounds inside. The real deal. This Is the baddest amp in the history of Marshall.

Three Separate Channels
CLEAN channel 1 has all the sparkling clarity and glassy fidelity of the early JTM45. Deft use of of the tone controls, mid band shift, and bright switches can carry you across a whole spectrum of crisp country, warm jazz, and classic rock clean tones.
CRUNCH is only part of the story of channel 2. It contains three selectable modes to cover the range of vintage Super Lead purity, to 70's Master Volume grinding power, to 90's Hi-Gain drive. Creamy or biting blues, hard rock rhythms, or metallic anthems can be given the Marshall touch with this channel, which recreates the character of amps from each Marshall era.
LEAD is what channel 3 is all about. This channel has a switch for two gain alternatives. The first, a smoldering saturation, is preset to the channel. The other is a searing gain boost that shoots screaming solos beyond the limits of any previous sonic experience. Besides awesome gain, Marshall includes a mid-shift selector to transform the middle control into an expansive "contour" control. Where other high-gain amps turn muddy and lose definition, the 30th anniversary model tonal shaping helps you to retain the definition that articulates every note.
Summary of 30th Anniversary Features
Original models 6100 (head) and 6101 (combo) made in blue vinyl during 1992
Subsequent year models received an "LM" suffix and were produced in black vinyl
Three channels, each with selection switches
Channel 1 (mid shift and bright)
Channel 2 (contrasting crunch modes)
Channel 3 (gain boost and mid band contour selection)
Channel switching by footswitch, midi control, or from front panel switches with LED indicator)
Sensitivity switches, one each for low or high compensation, to match guitar pickup
Power control allows high (4 valve, 100 watts) or low (2 valve, 50 watts) mode output
Pentode or triode mode operation in either mode gives effective power range from 100 down to 25 watts
Power amp damping control for tighter sound and fuller distortion: high, low, or auto.
Auto mode damping pre-selects the right damping to the correct channel
Comprehensive effects loop provides level control, series or parallel selection
Separate send level trim: one each for clean and overdrive channels (-10 to +4 each)
Balanced output with level control features authentic compensation for a real direct to board guitar sound
Impedance selector
NOTE: The 6100 series amplifiers do not have built-in reverb
6100 head: 750 x 310 x 220 mm
6101 combo: 500 x 480 x 285 mm
6912 cabinet: 470 x 680 x 365 mm
6100: 26 Kg
6101: 35 Kg
6912: 15.6 Kg

Speakers (6101 and 6912 only):
G12 Gold specially designed 12" speaker (all but U.S. models)
Extension Cabinet:
Model 6912 1x12", equipped with G12 Gold 200w S303 speaker, 8 ohms (mono)
Footpedal (supplied with 6100, 6101):
Output Valves:
4 x 5881
Preamp Valves:
7 x ECC83 (12AX7A)
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